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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday to you!  It's PoV Day in the BB 16 House, but first.. Let's dive into the live feeds and see what our captive critters got into in the wee hours last night...

Camera 3
HoH Room
Frankie and Caleb

Caleb: Gosh man, getting in that top 3 or top 4 is gonna be so scary.
Frankie: mm hmm
Caleb: ahh.. And it's gonna be so Sucky.
Frankie: yup
apologies to Caleb.. i would probably unfriend someone for this unflattering of a pic.
Caleb: Cuz it's gonna be such a hard decision.  You know?  Who has to make the decision about who'd not making it to the final 3? That has to suck.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Nomination Spoiler & Aftermath

The Live Feeds went to the Jeff Loop at 3:20pm for the Nomination Ceremony.

Caleb has given all of "the Beasts" a heads up that one of them will join Nicole on the block, so he can retain Victoria as a backdoor option.

This lessens Victoria's chances of playing in the PoV and increases their chances of winning the PoV and preventing Nicole from winning it.

For the full details, please see the Afternoon Update.  It's really all a set-up for Christine, and it was quite well stated, actually..

Feeds are back!
Caleb has Nominated
Christine and Nicole
for Eviction... 

Nomination Spoiler and Aftermath:

Feeds returns and Christine is coughing terribly...

Christine: Do you think I should ask for Mucinex or something?
Frankie: I think you should ask to see a doctor.
Nicole: The speech was nicer than I thought it'd be.. I thought he was gonna go hard..

Caleb: I don't think I'm playin in the Veto.. I don't think I'll be able to.  It'll probably be physical and I wont be able to..
Christine: I'm gonna go see what's new in the Storage Room..  (she does) You guys rock.  Thanks for all the tortillas.

Storage Room

Cody: You ok?
Christine: Yeah, I knew.  100%.  As soon as he started talkin, I was like, I know it's gonna be me.  I always feel like the outsider, kind of, with them, so..  I assumed.
Cody: It's alright.  If I win the Veto, I'll just be like, alright Christine, you're comin' off the block.

**And.. cue the background music..

Christine: (whispers) Thank you.
Cody: Alright?  Don't worry about it.
Christine: I'll try my damnedest.
Cody: Well, you're not gonna beat me, so..
Christine: hehehe

Cam 3
Derrick's preparing food for himself and Nicole.  He asks her to grab some condiments from storage.

Caleb: She's takin' it ok.
Derrick: Yeah, she's good.She's not a whiny person.
Caleb: No.  She'd be hangin' upside down off that balcony if she did anyway.  No what I'm sayin?  Aint that right, V? 
**I have no idea who he's referring to, Nicole or Christine. 
Victoria: (looks at him and says nothing)
Caleb: Daddy ain't playin. What?  You can call me Daddy, it's cool.  I aint gon' be madatchu.  Now you start callin' me Big Daddy, Frankie might not like it..
Frankie: No.
Caleb: Call me Big Daddy, we got problems.
Victoria: It hurts when I laugh.

And... we have another nomination with zero hystrionics...


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Friday Afternoon in the Big Brother 16 House

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! BB had to use a cattle prod, aka outdoor lockdown, but they finally woke our aching  HGs, and after about an hour outside, they had their Have Not Food Reveal and picking of the Have Nots.
Frankie: Oh my gosh..  Garlic and Mushrooms.. "Snot Roast"
Caleb: It looks like gizzard..
Frankie: Pig everything and.. mushrooms.

Caleb reads the card..

Caleb: As HoH, it is your responsibility to select 2 new Have Nots for the week.  The HNs you select can enjoy a treat that America has chosen for them.  We call it "Snot Roast."  This combination of meat products, Mushrooms and Garlic is theirs to enjoy all week long.  Bon Appetit.
Derrick: Caleb, I would like to volunteer. I'm ecstatic about snot roast, and I think it's gonna be amazing.

Caleb: OK..

Derrick volunteered for Have Nots - his mea culpa for the Hollas - and since no one else did, for a few very long minutes, Caleb picked Nicole, who will now be on slop, cold showers and in the Have Not Room for the 2nd week in a  row.  Naturally, this sparked a mini-meltdown in Nicole...  We'll join her outside for that.

Cam 1

Nicole: (tearful) Just send me home.  I'm sick of this crap.  So frustrated.  I'm gonna be frikkin skinny.  I ate one meal.  I understand it's a game, but you don't put someone on slop for 2 weeks when you have other options.  Frankie's only been on it once this whole entire game.  For sure I'm going up on the block.  I'm for sure going home if I don't win every single competition.  It's frustrating.  I don't know what I did wrong. 

Nicole: I shoulda just volunteered, if I'd known I was gonna be picked anyways.  I'm gonna be fine.  It's just the rationale behind it.  I'm gonna be weak, still.  I was already weak for this whole week.  I'm going up on the block.. So sick of it.  Absolutely ridiculous.  I don't know what I did wrong.  Uhhhh.. Oh well, I'll be skinny for Julie.  I was gonna eat one of those, but I never thought I'd be on it again.. So sick of it.

12:57pm Victoria comes outside to offer comfort.  After a few minutes, Derrick tries to cheer Nicole up as well, telling her he'll make them good food, and the beds aren't so terrible, and if you shower outside, it's not as cold..

Meanwhile, upstairs in the HoH Room...

HoH Room
Frankie and Caleb

Frankie: He volunteered for it because of all the hollas, and the fact that Christine pointed to me (to be picked to be a HN)?  Almost made me lose my mind. 
Caleb: Yeah.

Cody joins them.  After a bit more whining about Christine..

Caleb: Should I tell Chrisine I'm puttin' her up before i do it?
Frankie: Yes.
Caleb: How should I..
Frankie: You just say..
Cody: You got thrown under the bus by Nicole.
Frankie: No, I think he should just say,  ..
Cody: C'mon..
Frankie: I'm putting you up, because you and Nicole are evenly matched and I'm guaranteeing another person to play in the Veto, because there's still one person left out, and this way, we can choose Cody as Houseguest's Choice.
Cody: Ok
Frankie: It's strategy..
Caleb: Well.. It's because I don't want Victoria playin'..
Frankie: Correct.
Caleb: ..and her bein' the host.  It gives Nicole a better chance of winnin'.
Frankie:  ..and btdubs, Nicole threw you under the bus.
Cody: Yeah.
Frankie: But I wouldn't even go there yet.

Caleb: We want Victoria to be hostin'.  The worst thing that happens is you and Frnakie don't get chosen.
Cody: Us 2 need to be playin' in it.  I think we've got pretty good odds.

1:05pm Christine comes into the HoH and heads into the bathroom to ask Frankie for Neosporin.  Caleb wonders aloud if he should tell her now, and decides to wait til right before the Nomination Ceremony.  When Christine exits, Caleb and Cody continue...

Caleb: I'm basically gonna say, "You know, Nicole, I've nominated you, because you've already had the chance to play this game..  You've had 2 HoHs already... 1 PoV to save yourself in this game..  This is givin' you another chance to save yourself in this game. 
Cody: Keep yourself another week..
Caleb: Yeah, keep yourself another week..
Cody: Not to use the Buy Back as an excuse, but we are all still on our first life in this game.  If I was voted out, I would know that the house already flipped and wanted me out.  If I came back into the game, I would know that I'm already on the outs, I don't know how I'm gonna forge any relationships..especially after all her allies are gone.
Caleb: yeah..

...and so on.

Camera 3 and 4
HoH Room
Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine, Derrick

Setting Christine up for the Nomination...   All the guys are keeping straight, serious faces, as if there's a chance it could be them too.

Caleb: Potentially, one of you guys have to go up to ensure that Nicole has a competitor for sure..
Frankie: 3 competitors..
Caleb: It gives it a better percentage that Victoria wont get drawn.  Because I'm already taking one of you off and putting you up, so your chip can't get drawn.  If you get house guest's choice, you're gonna pick Cody..

Caleb: If you get House guest's choice, you're gonna pick Frankie err Cody err Him, because they're not picked.  You the same way, and you the same way.. I wanted to say it in front of all of you, because ewe're a team, it's a team effort and I don't wanna break that up.  SO.. if it's you,  I hope you're not mad at me for doin' it.  I just feel that you can beat her.  That's why I'm doin' it.  Because.. Victoria wont.  And putting Victoria in lowers our percentage and gives Nicole a better chance of winning.. If I put Victoria up, we know she's not gonna beat her, and one of you people who can beat her is a host, and I'm broken (his knee), you know what I mean?  So now Nicole's only really goin' against 2 people.
Frankie: No, it makes sense.. It's a smart move.
Caleb: And just so you guys know, Victoria is the backdoor option.  If she wins..
Frankie: You put someone else up, and we still vote Nicole out.
Derrick: No, if Nicole wins..
Caleb: If Nicole wins, we put Victoria up, and send Victoria home.Whether it be you up there, you up there, you up there..
Frankie: Yup.
Caleb: The backdoor option is that.. I just want you guys to know that's the theory behind what I'm gonna do.  If it's you, just know that I think you're a competitor, and I think you can beat her.. Will it be mental?  I don't know.  Will it be a puzzle?  I don't know. But all around, I know you guys are all competitors, and I have to do it.  It's simple.
Frankie: mm hmm.  And with any luck, it'll be all of us up there (playing for PoV). SO it'll legit be 5 versus 1.
Caleb: Whatever it is, I'm almost no use.
Christine: If he plays.. because of his knee..
Caleb: If it's something physical, I wont play in it at all.  I'm not goin' to...
Caleb: ..risk blowin' my knee out and having surgery after this.
**good boy.

Cody: But you're still gonna be up there picking, and if you get HGs Choice..
Caleb: If I get HGs Choice, of course, I'm pickin' one of you guys. Now, if it's somethin' that I can stand there and do?  But I can't be runnin' all over the place.  That's why it's important NOT to put Victoria up.. cuz if Victoria goes up..
Cody: She's a waste.
Caleb: ..I'm probably out, and one of you guys are gonna have to host..
Frankie: Holy shit.
Caleb: ..Now there's 2 of us out, and Victoria's playin, so that's 3 of us out.
Frankie: No.
Caleb: So she's literally..
Frankie: Can't happen.
Caleb: ..playin' against 2 people.  And that scares me.  She came up here last night throwin' everybody under the bus.  I wasn't listenin' to it.  This person wants you gone.. I'm not the biggest target.. She fed me a bunch of stuff last night.  I don't believe any of us want her here.
All: Correct.. No.. etc
Frankie: We have to..

Caleb: For me, I feel like it's the best decision to put a Beast up for sure with her that I know will play.
Christine: mm hmm
Caleb: Victoria could still get picked, but it's not a guarantee.  Puttin' her on the block is a guarantee that she's playin'.  So I would rather raise my odds by puttin' one of you guys up that can beat her, and I know you can.. And if one of you was the HoH, I would hope you would do the same thing.
Frankie: We'll have to.
**And the Emmy goes to.... All 4 of em.

Fishies... After a brief return..

Fishies.. then Jeff Loop.. It's time for the Nomination Ceremony! I'll see you in a new top post with the Nomination Spoiler and Aftermath...


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Friday Morning in the BB16 House

Happy Friday, BB Lovers!  If this is your 1st time on BBDish today, here are the previous posts to get you up to speed: The Overnight Report~ HoH Reveal & Probable Noms, Beastmode in the HizHouse!, Endurance Comp Coverage.

It's wakey wakey time in the BB house, and most of the HGs are steadfastly ignoring the call.  But since Derrick got up to use the restroom, the $5000 Tenley College Fund Voice From Hell is wide awake..

Voice From Hell:  Derrick!! Holaaaaa!!

Derrick goes back to bed.  Cody, Christine, Nicole and Victoria are fast asleep in the Fire Room.   Frankie and Caleb are snoozing upstairs in HoH.. just like old times. ;-)  I'll let you know when there are signs of life, punctuated by actual conversation.  Do feel free to refresh periodically..

11:15am Still zzzzzzzz...
**I'm getting really jealous of them.  Really, really jealous..I'm going to join them for an hour..


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The Overnight Report - HoH Reveal & Probable Noms

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday to you!  If you missed out on last night, here are the 3 previous posts to get you up to speed a bit: Beastmode in the HizHouse!, Endurance Comp Coverage, Live Show Viewing Party.

In a nutshell, Donny was evicted, Caleb won the HoH, and Derrick took the 5 grand and the Hollas for the rest of the Summer.  

I'm  starting this Overnight Report with the HoH Conversations that are happening right now at 3:23am BBT..  I'll be filling in the blanks on the HoH Reveal and a couple of other pertinent conversations as soon as we get confirmation on who the nominees are going to be.. And during the 3:55am conversation with Derrick, Caleb and Frankie transcribed below, we just did.. The Nominees will be Nicole and Christine.  So it's fill in the blanks time.

Fire Room
Derrick and Victoria

Victoria: (whispers) Is Caleb putting me up?
Derrick: Not if I have my way.
Victoria: Who would he put up against Nicole?
Derrick:  Christine.  Just don't say nothin'. I mean, I don't know if it's her.  That's who I'm thinkin'.
Victoria: mm hmm

Caleb's HoH Reveal

You have to watch this on flashback.  It's the slowest ascent up the HoH stairs ever.. As Caleb says..

Caleb: We're all hobblin'!
Frankie: (Can't resist ribbing) Oh Cody, poor Cody.. Can you make it up ok?

Cody: Donny!
All: Awww!
Caleb: I was about to say, wait a minute, where's Donny?

Caleb: Ya'll ready?  (he opens the door) My beautiful mom!  Oh my goodness!
Caleb: That thing's been through combat, buddy.
In addition, Caleb also received a flag that flew in Baghdad.  The HGs ooh and ahh over his family pics, and from the look on Caleb's face, he couldn't be happier to see them.. 
He got Monsters, Red Bulls, Reeses Pieces, Beef Jerky, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and new underwear.. Calvin Klein

Caleb: Alright, check this out, I'm gonna givbe you guys a little insight on what these mean.
Frankie: Yes, please.
Caleb:  Alright.. This flag right here.. Basically, what they do when you're deployed is they have a memorial.  We were the last infantry unit to leave Baghdad, so they took flags of each of us that was there, and they flew em in the soil of Baghdad.

Caleb: On our FOB, we pulled our flag up, saluted it, and done the whole thing.. and when I got home, I gave it to my mom.
Victoria: Aww..
All: Awww!

Caleb: Now this guy here.. this is my heart.. it means a lot to me.  Very select few people get these.  It's a blue cord.  It's an infantry cord.  Basically means, you're the front dude.  When you wear this, people know that you mean business.

Making it even more special, Caleb requested his father, who is retired Special Forces, present it and put it on him..

Caleb: So I was standing there in formation, and he walks up, and puts it on me, and he was like, "Good job, son."  And it goes right here, and it clips in your Class A's.
All: ooh.
Caleb: So that's what this is.  Not everyone gets em.  These are awesome to me. I'm amazed they sent my hat.  Specialist Reynolds.  Letter?
All: yeah!
Caleb: Alright everybody... My Bruh..
VOICE: Can I get a Holla?!
All: Hollaaaa
Caleb:My brother Blake wrote this one..

Dear Caleb,

For starters, just know we love you, bro. We're proud of you for all that you've accomplished.  If there were going to be a Reynolds on tv first for something good, it would be you.  Keep your head in this game.  Don't get sidetracked by ANYTHING.  At the end of these 90 days, you will either be 500,000 dollars richer, or you will leave with a few new friends.  Either one is great, but you have plenty of friends.
All: hehehe
 So focus on your mission to win.  Keep your eye on the prize, bro.  We love you and we want you to hang in there.  Put your man pants on.  Keep  tough.  ~Blake

Cody: That was awesome.
Frankie: That was great.
Caleb: My bro.  I got to see his face in a video AND got a letter from him.

Derrick: Alright, so what's behind "Gippy"?
**it's on the hat.
Caleb: Gippy was a guy I was deployed with.  He got hurt... Just one of my battle buddies that I was real close to.

To watch the rest of the HoH Reveal, go to 1:42am on the quad, and go full screen. :)  To watch from the beginning, start at 1:32am...

Camera 1
HoH Room
Nicole and Caleb
Nicole: I want to have a serious convo with you.. to talk about our games in the future.  Coming back in the house, you see a lot more than when I was in here.  Straight up, you've never done anything to me, I've never done anything to you.. Do I threaten you in this game?
Caleb: Yeah, you do.  You're definitely a comp beast.  Donny was too.

Nicole: If I were to have won today, there was no way I was putting you up.  I'm totally alone.. When you think about pairs.. I can be as loyal to you as I was to Hayden, because I don't have anybody.. I could promise you, and swear on anything that I would never put you up, and never vote you out.  I would love to sit next to you in the final 2.
Caleb: There's definitely 2 people here who wouldn't promise me that.. and I think you know who those 2 people are.
Nicole: I will never put you up as a nom or a replacement nom.. I am very loyal.  We are both very trustworthy people.  We have the same background.. Just something for you to think about.
Caleb: I will keep it on my mind, for sure.  I don't think you were gonna put you up..
Nicole: If you are scared about me putting up Frankie, I'll promise that too.  If Cody had won, who would he put up?  Not Christine and not Derrick.. Who does that leave?
Caleb: Tomorrow is a tough decision.. (fishies)

Nicole: If I promised you, you could tear me apart.. (fishies)

Caleb: If you didn't win, you would go up.
Nicole: I think it's gonna be the Before After comp.  I've been studying..  And if that's the case, I just want you to think about your game, and not take out someone that would work with you.. I would work with you, not against you.  I hope you'll think about that.  I've watched this game since I was 8 years old.  THis is when you've got to make big moves.   I haven't offered this to anyone else, since Hayden.. You are a man of your word, Caleb.
Caleb: I am.
Nicole: I am so committed, I would fight for you 100%.  You need people working with you, not against you.  That's what I can promise you, and I hope you'll consider it.  It is a big thing not to put you up on the block.
Caleb: That is a big thing.  I gotta think about it, and there's not much time.
Nicole: I feel like I'm one of the smallest targets in the house, and I keep going up.
Caleb: You are not a small target.. That's why you're up.. That's why you've gone up..
Nicole: I've been stabbed in the back by people in this house.. Frankie's one who hasn't stabbed me as much as others..
Caleb: Who else stabbed you? Derrick?
Nicole: And Cody..
Caleb: And we know Christine did.. When y'all left, Donny was all, I'm all alone in this house, and I've always been alone.. We're like, no you haven't.  Your people just got voted out, so now you're alone..

Frankie comes out of the bathroom.. He offers to grab anything for them.. Aleve and Advil are requested.

Caleb: Whatever one of the guys are up, tell em to come up in like 5 minutes..

Nicole: All I'm asking for is 1 week of safety, and I will never put you up.  I just want to know what you're worried about..
Caleb: I'm not worried.. You put me up, I put you up.  My thing is, I know, unless you're really good, unless you win HoH and PoV and HoH and PoV.. you're not gonna make it in this game.. You're too big a target.
Nicole: I've heard people say I'm not such a big target..
Caleb: You have PoV to play in, win it you're safe.. Next HoH, win it you're safe..
Nicole: That' not something that's supposed to be used against me.. It's not my fault I won the comp and got back in.  I understand the first time.. But If I keep getting thrown back up there..

Nicole continues pleading her case to Caleb, but he's such a company man at this point, it doesn't look like she's getting through.. 

Caleb: I honestly want to know what Christine's thinking most.. We all know you're good at this game.
Nicole: I'm not that good.  I lost the last 3 comps.
Caleb: This next one might be your niche.  The thing is, I'm really trying to figure that girl out.
Nicole: I think she's protected by a lot of people in this house.
Caleb: She's protected by no one in this house.  At the end of the day, I gotta do what's best for Caleb.
Nicole: Everyone's gonna want you to put me up, because they know I could possibly work with you.  If someone is promising you never to put you up, why would you even think about putting them up?  What if I won the double eviction, you would never have to sweat..
Caleb: I would never have to sweat regardless.  My game is mine.  I ask other people what they think but I grew up a long time ago.

Nicole: Do you really think the person who backstabbed me, that I would want to help her?
Caleb: That's what I've been trying to figure out since you got back.  It's just tough.  It's a lot of thinking.. You're not a huge target of mine, but you're a target..
Nicole: But if I'm promising to work with you, I shouldn't even be on your radar..
Caleb: The only thing I can do is think about it.. ponder on it.. I want you to know, to me, what happened in the past is over..

Derrick pops in.. Nicole asks for one more minute..

Nicole: From one country-folk to another, I would love if you would take into consideration.. I've thought long and hard about what I would do coming back into this game.. If I had won HoH, I would have called you up and had this conversation.  I'm so tired of being so honest and getting literally beat for it in this game.  I just want it to pay off once.
Caleb: I do want you to know that I'm taking into consideration what you said..

Asked, Nicole goes into  great detail about Christine not telling her about using the slushy..

Nicole: Why would I ever want to help her?  If that can stay between you and I, I would appreciate it..  I'm willing to be the most loyal person you've had in this game.  Please think about it.

Cam 1
Nicole leaves.. Derrick comes in.. And we know immediately that Caleb will not be considering a word she said..

Caleb: She was buggin' me.  
Derrick: What'd she say?
Caleb: Just about Christine and the slushy thing..
Derrick: Well, that's perfect for you. 
Caleb: She said so much..
Derrick: Throwin' people under the bus?
Caleb: Some..

Frankie returns to hoh..
Frankie: How was that?

Caleb: That?  Oh my gosh.  Literally death.  Basically death to my ears.. She's like, If I win HoH, I'm not putting you or Frankie up, so I'm thinkin', ok, so you're gonna put the rest of my squad up? Ain't happenin'.
Derrick: And honestly, once she wins HoH, she's gonna say, "There's 2 weeks left.  Go f*ck yourself."
Frankie: Literally, before the HoH comp, I pulled her aside, and said, I hear that I'm going up as your target.. and she was like, I can't tell you you're not going up as my target..  She loses HoH, pulls me into a room, and says, I just want you to know, you're not my target.
Derrick: Right, because Caleb won.
Caleb: She said, "Country girl to country boy.. just hear me out.. I'm not a beast in this game.. I've won 3 comps.. I will give you the same bla bla bla as Hayden.."  The funny part is, she said  who do you think is gonna win the Before and After Comp next week?  I know everything, I've been studying, Im gonna win it."
Derrick: That was the stupidest thing she could have said.  You should have said, "you know what's funny?  My squad's been studyin' it too, and they're gonna be here, and they're gonna win it."
Frankie: mm hmm.  We have to study all week.
Derrick: We have to start bein' more blatantly obvious and just start studyin' in here all week.
Caleb: Not in front of Christine.  Nicole told me that Christine's been wanting to work with her since she got back into the house.. I told her I had a feelin'.  She said a lot of stuff.  "Listen to your brother's letter.  You need to do what's best for your game.. I'm the only one in this house who wants you to be here."
Frankie: 1, 2, 3 sitting together at the end of this game.

This is ongoing..  here's the crux:

Cam 1
Derrick: What does it really say?  We have to divide the 2 of them, Nicole and Christine, and then Cody doesn't have one of them either, know what I'm sayin'?  One of them gotta go.
Frankie: Yeah.
Caleb: Exactly.

Caleb continues, telling Frankie and Derrick everything Nicole just said to him, and whenever there's an opening for it, both add more damaging info on top of it..


Derrick:  Bottom line is, this is so much easier of a decision than last week.
Frankie: Yup.  You tell Christine, "obviously, you're going up as a pawn so that we can have a backdoor option.  Don't take it personally.  Just go win the Veto."  That's all you say.
****Willing Nicole to win the Veto.. WonderDish Powers, Activate!

Derrick: If by chance we're wrong and Frankie's right, and Christine wins the Veto and goes, "guess what, guys.."
Frankie: But she can't if she's sitting next to her.
Derrick: That's what I'm saying..  If she wasn't...

Caleb: Yeah.  Yeah.  You know what, I'm ok with tellin' Christine, "I'm gonna be honest with ya, I think y'all 2 have been gettin' a  little too close lately.. Scares me a little bit.. Christine, you're stayin', but I don't even want the thought to cross your mind to use the Veto on her."
Frankie: I wouldn't say all that.
Derrick: I wouldn't either.  Just say, we want a backdoor option with Victoria.  That's it.
Frankie: yeah.

OK.. And we have our Nominations named.. The boys are still talking, but with this information now in place, I'm going to backtrack a bit on the night and fill in the blanks on a couple of key moments.  They'll appear above this point, so they'll display in chronological order.

And this concludes the Overnight Report.  I'll see you back here when BB wakes the HGs! 


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