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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday in Zankieland!  It's Nominations and BoB Day in the BB16 house!  As we rejoin our HGs, Zach is driving them all crazy.. I've even given him a theme song.  You'll see it when it comes by.. ;-) 

PSA: The Season Pass for the Live Feeds ENDS TODAY!  Take advantage of the 2 day free trial and get it while you still can!  Here's the link to get you all set up. ☺

OK...  Let's hop into the feeds and join the madness... 

Camera 3 and 4
Cody and Amber

Topic: Zach

Cody: The kid is a cancer.  He's bad for my game, and I realized that the second he blew up the bomb squad.  It's just unbelievably f'ing frustrating.
Amber: If they win HoH next week, that's honestly who they need to target.  At this point, I'm like, I'll even let you win.. I even talked to Brit about that.  I was like, if you're here, Cody needs to be safe, me, Christine and Caleb.  I see it so clear..   Apparently, today, Zach told somebody that I wanted him out, and that's why I was his target.. Just cuz he was saying the same about me.
Cody: I don't even get where all of that started.
Amber: Now he probably thinks I'm working with Donny and Jacosta.
Cody: He's like 80x worse than Devin.
Amber: That's what I was saying.. It's like Frankie bein' me, and Zach bein' Devin..
Cody: I don't think Frankie's that innocent either. 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grab the tissues! HoH Room Reveals

Gah - I have never sniffled so much through a BB Episode! They're killing me with this kindness... So pass the tissues, and I'll be here listening in waiting for our HOH room reveals, and pictures of Papa Grande.

Good grief! There have been 15 different plans since the feeds came back on! At the base of it all-  Caleb and Amber (in that order) are the targets this week.
The problem comes in figuring out how exactly to make that happen. The Back Door is in play - as long as they can get the pieces to all work together the correct way. But no one can decide on what the best way to accomplish the task is - and EVERYONE is scrambling!

Around 9:15, Donnie received the task for Team America, and told Frankie what it involves first, then when the opportunity arrives told Derrik as well.

They plan on using Zack to stir things up, which should work.  It can't involve the three of them, it has to last more than 20 seconds at either nominations or the veto meeting. I think this one might be a difficult one for them, though - do you?  It'll be fun to watch, regardless. :)

10:43 - BB: Zack and Frankie, please go to the Diary Room!

10:57 - WHo wants to see our HOH room?!
Zach: I'm putting everyone on the block! If your name begins with any letter of the alphabet, you're nominated!

Frankie: OMG.
all: AWWWW! Look at this! Look at this guy right here!

And I have fishes... grr.

Zack: that's me..
Frank: My dad?! my dad!
Chris: OMGosh he's so cute!
Frank: that's my dad, yeah!

Zack: Does this look worn before? This is a joke, right?
Zack: This is my uncles..

Frankie: This man is 90 years od, can you believe it? He was a great, great man. How GEORGOUS is Nona? can you BELIEVE that?!  OMG there's your brother!
Zack: that's me graduating high school...
Frankie: OMG I got a hat! Fig newtons! OOOOH! I GOT JUSTIN BEIBER!

Zack: It's from my broski! Wow. Alright. Deear Zack this summer has been good basketball and sports camp has been great, I been in two tournaments, you should have seen me play, I was great. Tiger is tearing up the furniture Mom and dad are proud of you, come home soon but not too soon. I'm so happy you're my real big brother. Love you, Payten.

Frankie: My dearest frankie, we're so proud of you. if you are reading your HOH. It's been a heck of a week, we've all cried and laughed as we felt we shared Grandpas news with you in our arms. We were so comforted of your houseguests and how they took care of you with their love. Ari was touched. Ari was touched by their love. Thank them for us. And your dogs who are with us. We spoke to your father, he's doing well. Enjoy your suite, with love. Ari has made you tons of tie dye items and beaded bracelets with funny sayings, and bedazzled a dragon for you. I guess crafts are the way to go when your mourning.

Frankie: Personally I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your support. I could never have prepared myself for this, or imagined something like this happening. today was really hard for me, and there were a few times I thought there was the possibility I wouldn't make it. Ultimately I love and respect this game a lot, and I have put my faith in you guys. What you did for me yesterday.. made me realize I can stay. You are my family.

Frankie: And its gonna get harder and bloodier and messier and I look forward to doing it with you. We are humans playing this game together. Ultimately thats why I'm here today. I love you guys. I have faith in humans, in humanity and in us. I think we're gonna kick some ass. I just wanted to thank you. And so does my family. I love you guys.
Hugs all around - someone get the tissues for me, huh??

Christine: I just want to stare at this picture for the rest of my life!
Frankie: I know right?
Christine: i feel like looking in his eyes, I look in yours..
Frankie: Crazie right?
Christine: You have crazy good looking parents!

Frankie: I love that my sister is bedazzling!
Chris: I want to meet her SO BAD! Please! I want an insult bracelet!

Frankie: that's like my favorite picture of em and my grandfather. I love it.

Zack: yeah, he was graduating Pre-K, and I was Graduating high school!

And people are separating, and heading to their scheming corners... :)

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Big Brother 16: Live Show Viewing Party

Good evening, BB Lovers!  Welcome to the Live Show Viewing Party on BBDish!  I'll begin publishing comments and greeting everyone at 8:50pm Eastern!☺

What a week it's been inside the Big Brother house, and tonight, the game we love starts All..  Over.. Again!  Are you ready for a shake up in leadership tonight, or would you like to see the Detonators take it all the way to Final 5?

Last we saw them, the HGs were still waiting for word on their attire for the evening: athletic gear or not..

And in perhaps his least anticipated move of the season, Caleb's gone Beast Mode Mascara Boy on us.

I'll be updating the body of this post with the key details as the show progresses, and as with all Live Show Viewing Parties here on BBDish, all of the action happens in the comment section.  Or, perhaps you're looking for these?

DreamAngel Live Stream
Live Stream Option B

Relevant Info from Julie:

The 4 laziest & therefor HaveNots for the week are: Nicole, Caleb, Christine & Derrick.  If one wins HoH, they're off the HN Hook.

Votes to Evict:
  1. Jocasta votes to evict Brittany
  2. Nicole votes to evict Brittany
  3. Hayden votes to evict Brittany
  4. Amber votes to evict Brittany
  5. Derrick votes to evict Brittany
  6. Caleb votes to evict Brittany
  7. Christine votes to evict Brittany
  8. Victoria votes to evict Brittany
  9. Zach votes to evict Brittany
  10. Frankie votes to evict Brittany

By a vote of 10-0
is Evicted from the BB16 House

 [Pre-Show FYI --in the event of an Endurance Competition that continues on to the Live Feeds, I will open a new post for Endurance Comp Coverage as soon as the Live Feeds come back after the show.]

HoH Comp: "Country Hits"  Hgs will face off at the podium to hear a country song describing a comp from this season.  Firt to buzz in correctly moves on to the next round..and chooses the next 2 HoHs to face off.

Hayden and Christine face off 1st..  Christine wins the round.
Donny and Jocasta... Donny wins the round
Frankie and Caleb.. Frankie wins the round.
Amber and Victoria..  Amber wins the round.
Donny and Derrick... Derrick wins the round.
Zach and Nicole...Zach wins the round.
Amber and Christine... Christine wins the round.
Frankie and Derrick...   Frankie is the 1st HoH..

Mmmm.. Methinks the HGs really want Frankie to get some more love from his family right now.  Derrick stood back from the podium, waiting on Frankie to answer... and then there was this:

Zach and Christine... Zach is the 2nd HoH.

And the New HoH is...................  ZANKIE!

Questioned directly by Julie, Derrick freely admits he threw the HoH to Frankie, so he would be able to see a picture of his grandfather..

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Frankie Grande's Eulogy for his Grandfather ~ Including the Letter from Mama Grande

What follows is a full transcript, plus screencaps, of Frankie's Eulogy for his beloved grandfather, Frank Grande.  Some things just deserve to be preserved in print for eternity.  This is one of them.

9:05pm BBT
Camera 3
HoH Room

Hello, everybody.  Today has been one of the most difficult days of my life.  I've never had to..

Well, first off, I'm gonna start by reading the letter I got today from my mother, and then I'll go from there.

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The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Live Show Thursday!  I hope to see you all here tonight for the Live Show Viewing Party.  AND.. In the event the HoH Competition turns into the Endurance Competition the HGs are all expecting, I'll open an Endurance Comp Coverage post as soon as the feeds go live with it..

This is the last 24 hours to get the Season Pass for the live feeds. If you haven't taken advantage of the 2 day free trial yet, I highly recommend you do! Here's the link for the deal.

Last night, just a minute before the Wednesday Show began to air on the east coast, all of the HGs were gathered in the living room, and Frankie was in tears, having just been told about his grandfather's passing.  It's a beautiful, heart wrenching, touching and even funny 20 minute flashback.  Go to 4:59pm, Wednesday 7/23, select Quad, and go full screen.  If you need help using flashback, here's a little guide I made for you.

OK.. Now we  rejoin our HGs as the clock strikes midnight...

Cam 1
Dining Table
Derrick, Frankie, Victoria

Victoria: I haven't been called to the DR yet..

Derrick: How do you do Frankie Valli though?  Can you sing like him?
Frankie: mm hmm.  I'll do a quick Frankie Valli for you.. ♫Ooweeooo She-erry..

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